‘development’ thoo…

You took my land in the name of development. And told me it was for 'greater common good'. And do you know what your 'development' did to me? By 'law' I was uprooted. By 'law' I was put into poverty. By 'law' I became an encroacher in my own land. Making me sad, mad, hungry, … Continue reading ‘development’ thoo…


Do we have a dearth of Dalit studies?

A few years ago when I came across the line “Hinduism is a veritable chamber of horrors”, said by Ambedkar, neither did I know the meaning of the word ‘veritable’ nor did I know what Hinduism or proponents of Hinduism did  to make it a ‘chamber of horrors’. Even Ambedkar was little familiar. I had … Continue reading Do we have a dearth of Dalit studies?

Home alone

What did Kevin do when he was home alone? He went to the market himself and bought the household things and enjoyed his ‘me’ time. Only occasionally he missed his family. He was happy to ‘adult’ and try out an array of new things (like the new shaving cream!). I wish I was like him. … Continue reading Home alone