A biblical memory

After minutes of prodding through Bible to find that one statement I gave up my venture. A flashback!

” Which is the smallest statement in the New Testament of bible?”, the fourth question in the rose sheet sounded absurd. Dear readers picture me sitting right in the middle of a hoard of benches and desks. My eyes which should be riveted somewhere in the exam hall to masquerade myself ransacking my little brain,instead  wandered hopelessly. I rolled my eyes. Logos Quiz sucks!

Logos Quiz is a compulsory exam for all students attending catechism in my church. Despite knowing the fact that I am acute lethargic when it comes to opening bible and reading five chapters from it I had to give Rs.10 and attend the exam from class five to class ten. But why do they give such senseless questions? How can understanding Jesus and his works enhanced by knowing which is the smallest statement in the book?

Each question has multiple choices but what is the use? Everyone in the hall knows that they have come there to while away time.

A file of ants entered the hall and a file of trivial questions followed. I remembered why my father gave up writing Logos quiz. Because he encountered this question- Which direction was Peter looking when Jesus saw him first? Options- A: East B: West C:North D:South. I remembered the scoff and laugh of his.Oh God why?

The question paper consist of 103 questions. I read some fifty questions. Coloured ( or answered- in Logos Quiz you will be given a separate paper to answer; with circles against each options of each question. You have to shade the circle of right option) some twenty and left the hall at sharp 2.30 pm.

Now six years might have passed since writing the last Logos Quiz. But only yesterday I found myself jobless to find the answer to that question. Which is the smallest statement in the New Testament of bible?- yeshu Kaneer pozhichu which translates to Jesus wept. Wow! Yaay! I found it, I found it. I googled it and located it on my bible. Wait…why should I be so happy? I do not know.


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