Of Foibles

When KBS3A stopped a metre away from me, I hissed ‘shit’ and got in. It was a working day and I was going to college to sit with Cherry and make him learn Chemistry.  I got a seat.

Did a cataclysm happen yesterday? For when I got up from the green bed I could not cobble up where I was. Anyway I was in my hostel itself on my bed which was placed in a different area( the previous night I removed the bed from my cot and dragged it and laid it in the centre of room 11. I t was a warm night).

From morning I was going about slowly on everything. Did senescence already set in? I did nothing for half an hour but prance around with my brush and towel without making up my mind. I hate such beginnings for my days. I prefer getting up late and going around doing things hastily.

A drop of tear. I noticed the dark lady sitting next to me giving a break to my chain of thoughts. Again a drop of tear. She might be in her late forties. Her oily hair was neatly braided and placed on her right shoulder. She wore a saffron coloured sari.

I looked out while she fervently wiped her tears off. I wanted to make a move. But I know no Kannada.

My mind again stepped into a whirl of thoughts. When was the last time I cried when I was travelling in bus? May be a year back. After reading Ladies Coupe. Tears trickling down. Punctuated by sniffs.

I plugged my earphones in while the lady continued weeping. She caressed her bag.  Did her someone die? Was she sent out of her home? Is she going to visit someone in the hospital?

I offered her the left hand earphone. She thinly smiled and refused. Then I saw her face. Excess oil had settled in the crevices and made puddles making her face to glisten. I wanted to ask ennaithu( what happened?). Whatever her reply is going to be, I won’t understand a word. But I can become a source of respite for her at the least for a minute. I didn’t stir. Instead I got down in my stop and waved at her.  I don’t think she noticed my wave through her glassy eyes.




2 thoughts on “Of Foibles

  1. Appreciate the beauty of your command on language… Your writings are like art works… Can evoke emotions in readers… Great…. Continue your good works…
    Exploring self and life… Good!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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