Home alone

What did Kevin do when he was home alone? He went to the market himself and bought the household things and enjoyed his ‘me’ time. Only occasionally he missed his family. He was happy to ‘adult’ and try out an array of new things (like the new shaving cream!). I wish I was like him. I wish I was curious and adventurous like him. Instead I find home to be a boring place to be with no one around. 

At present Sudha Murty’s Wise and Otherwise, Siddarth Mukherjee’s The Emperor Of All Maladies and Kamala Das’ Balyakalasmaranakal are my companions. But reading becomes boring after sometime and I doze off.

Sometimes I sit in the verandha and wait for my mother’s arrival. Sometimes I take a walk around in the garden and water the Bougainvillea. Rarely T.V and phone comes to my rescue. Rosy chechi ( servant) comes, cleans everything up and goes after reminding me to have my food. I nod.

Kuttan (a character of Bangalore Days) was right when he said “ Keralathil irikumbo thonnum enganelum purath poya mathin. Purath ethumbo thonnum enganelum nattil ethiyal mathin”( One is desperate to leave home when he/she is at home. When one reaches outside, he/she starts to think the other way round). I want to run to Bangalore.

I saw ‘Her’ yesterday. It is a beautiful movie set in the future. I wish I had an Operating system like the one Theodore owns. To whom I can narrate all the day’s events irrespective of whether they are interesting or not, explain my crazy ideas and laugh together for some time. I would tell it of how I made French fries by placing it in sizzling hot oil and burnt my fingers, of how I accidentally placed my palm between the door and the latch and injured my fingers when I went to Trial room in Reliance shop, of how I ask ‘how was your day?’ to my mother and she explains everything, of how I ate up the huge Diarymilk Silk, of how I made a concoction of lime and oil to apply on my arms to remove tan, of what Cherry, Deslin, Toby and Anjana said when I called them, of Donald Trump’s disdainful victory and demonetising of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 in India, of my inevitable sleepiness and more.


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